Tommy sprite
Character Information
Notable Relationships Lily (mother)

Sarah (sister)

Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Thomas "Tommy" Quinn is a non-playable character in To the Moon. He is the son of Lily Quinn, and the brother of Sarah.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Like his sister, Tommy has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a yellow shirt under denim overalls.

Tommy and Sarah are both rather troublesome and cheeky, and they enjoy playing the piano at Johnny's house together. He is exceptionally talented in playing the piano for a boy his age. He shares this talent with his sister, Sarah.

He is playful and loves candy, particularly candy canes. Due to his age, he is also innocent and naive.

He and his sister bribe Neil Watts into getting his mom's big candy cane, a feat they can't do mainly because of their height, in exchange of showing Neil "the funny room". If you refused to get the candy cane for them and claimed that they will go to jail for six years, they will foolishly believe you and show you the room without you needing to get the candy cane.

Also, as seen in the Sigmound Christmas episode 2, he's cheeky making lizard sounds at Neil. Also, his naivety is shown further when he says he wants to be like Dr Dre when he's older, inspired by Eva.

Sarah And Tommy

Sarah and Tommy playing "For River."