The Cliff
The Cliff
Location Information
Also called Cliff
Inhabitants Johnny Wyles
River Wyles
Lily Quinn
Tommy Quinn
Sarah Quinn

The Cliff is the first place player will encounter in To The Moon. The game started with title screen showing the lighthouse in the full moon in this cliff.

Main Story Edit

The game begins when Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts arrived in this area and crashes their company's car to the tree near the cliff entrance. They were arguing about the crash for quite some time, before they go the house on the top of the cliff to see the patient.

They were greeted by Lily Quinn, the caretaker of the house, when arrived. In his bedroom, Johnny Wyles is in some sort of comma and the doctor says that he could not stay more than one or two days. But that is enough time for Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts to perform their job. Their job is later explained as fulfilling the patient's wish before his/her death using Memory Editor.

When Dr. Rosalene or Dr. Watts searching for clues about who the Johnny is and his identity, they will encounter so many Paper Rabbit in this area. Later in the game, the rabbit will be a clue about Johnny's childhood and River's subtle message about their first meeting.

The second half of Johnny's life memories will be about this cliff and fulfilling River Wyles's wish to build a house near the Lighthouse.

Locations Edit

There are 5 different locations in this area.

Roadside Edit

The Cliff-Roadside
This place is where Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts crashes their car to the tree, kill the squirrel and argue each other early in the game. This place is also the place where roadkill happened after Johnny and River's wedding reception.

Route to Lighthouse Edit

The Cliff-Route To Lighthouse
In this area, Dr. Rosalene or Dr. Watts will encounter a squirrel and the RPG style battle system will come up to the player. After he/she try to attack or doing defense, Tommy and Sarah get angry and try to accuse he/she about animal abuse.

This area will take the player to the Lighthouse.

Later on Johnny's memories, this place is also where the wedding reception between Johnny and River took place.

Lighthouse Area Edit

The Cliff-Lighthouse Area
This is the place where the lighthouse is located. River and Johnny were buried here in the end of the game. The lighthouse is also the reason Johnny builds the house on top of the cliff so River could see the lighthouse from the house and visit it whenever she wants.

Almost all of the second half of Johnny's life memories will be about this lighthouse and its significance to his life and his wife.

Route to Wyles' Cliff House Edit

The Cliff-Route To Wyles
The area is protected by weird beach ball owned by Tommy early in the game and only mentioned again on second encounter of this area where Dr. Rosalene will blame Dr. Watts or vice versa if the beach ball is broken.

This area has no significance later in the story.

Wyles' Cliff House Edit

Wyles Cliff House
This is the place where Johnny lived until his death and later, pass down the house ownership to his caretaker, Lily. Behind the house is a cliff where you could see the lighthouse from above.

Johnny builds this house with all the money he have because of River's wish to finish the construction when she was ill. Johnny almost gives up on finishing the house.

Trivia Edit

  • When you choose to go back to home instead pushing or using branch to the boulder, Dr. Rosalene will still push the boulder.