Isabelle and Nicholas
Character Information
Notable Relationships Nicholas (friend)

Johnny (friend)
River (friend)

Age Unknown.
Gender Female
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Brown

Isabelle is a character in To The Moon. She, with River, has Asperger's Syndrome ; however, she was diagnosed early in her life, and also learned how to act "normal" to deal with the world around her. During the game, Isabelle defines 'normal' as 'Neurotypical', a popular term used in real life by Autistic People overall, 'Aspies' or otherwise. Neurotypical is a term often used by people with neurological disabilities, like Autism and Down Syndrome, to define people who do not have any neurological disabilities at all, and, therefore, don't understand the lives, needs, and etc. of the neurologically disabled as the neurologically disabled themselves do.